Dr. Barry’s Indian Coins and Systems Analysis

Dr. Barry started in India, collecting coins dating from Kushnans, a nature in second century C.E. served as a nexus from Kabul to Benares across the Aral Sea. His coins delineated a story of Kushan’s foray into Asia. It starts with asking, how did Kushan coins from Afghanistan their way into India? Well someone must have went there and dominated their currency system.

The means of tracking conquest analogates to the brain’s perception in viewing systems, in the same way Dr. Barry tracks down epidemics. As it stands, there is no dedicated network in the brain that gives a natural inclination to systems understanding; it’s not like the cerebellum that controls balance or the prefrontal cortex that controls impulses, but rather throughout the neocortex and gray matter of the brain.

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Systems analysis is vital mainly for pinpointing the weak points within the network. In these aforementioned examples, it’s where the coins originated, and where the epidemic began. Applications can extend nationally across to Human Rights via nuclear proliferation, climate change, and scarcity of water. This may not apply to issues that may evolve multiple systems such as global warming which are “messes” of interrelated issues. In fact, due to the complexity of many of these large interrelated issues, many individuals fail to grasp its applicability and denounce it as fake news.

A solution to complex systems may be similar to how the brain parses together large concepts such as goals, by making it into mini bite-sized pieces that can be more easily dissected and understood. Any analysis or mathematical model relies on the precept of controls or assumptions. Systems analysis is no different, but it’s amazing how even in the seemingly inconsequential hobbies that complex theories may be derived.

xo, Kiyoko


Sorry guys, I was inactive due to stress of work and moving. I just came to the Bay Area after graduating UCLA, wrapping up ties, taking a gap year and disappearing, and finishing my internship/lab jobs there. I also finished by series exams which is contingent on Morgan Stanley hiring me which is amaaaazing. Anyhow, this post is about Dr. Barry.