The Abundance and Culture of XQ

When comparing humans to other species, we are divergent and more intelligent because of (1) our capaciousness of forethought, the ability to think of arrayed outcomes at once and (2) our desire to proliferate our thoughts to those around us. Based on these principles, it is no wonder why the world of academia and philosophy enshrouds some of the most brilliant minds: they are the ones most empathetic and most vociferate with their ideas.

Or perhaps, like myself they have the diction and eloquence of Samuel Johnson, the man that wrote the English dictionary. I like him most of all because he portrays that intellect is not but a practice exclusive to Ivory tower muses but one with grit and understanding that can convalesce with airs and angels.

The first virtue predicates that humans are empathetic as the ability for presuming future outcomes only comes from putting ourselves into other situations and people’s shoes. This goes for us putting our shoes into the trust fund baby strutting along Santa Row in heels to the beggar’s socks in Downtown LA. The incapacity for one to do so aka stunted EQ or emotional intellect.

The second virtue is our ability to proliferate our thoughts to those around us, even after we are gone. The value of art, culture, history, books and even this blog is a value of human endowment traversing generations. Humans, unlike any other species have a means of record that predicates, passes, and immortalizes knowledge as an infinite resource to legacies of the future.

We are the closest five people we hang around with the most, and many of those I hang around with are already long dead.

–K.S. Osone