On Harry Potter and Slytherin’s Emotional Armor for Success

To some extent, we are all empathetic. If you’re more empathetic than others, you can detect their level of empathy. I possible have something called a high functioning borderline personality disorder, and possibly due to the fact that I lived through hell and am highly influenced by the emotional states of people around me, and to some extent probably care a bit too much about what people think.

It’s a great thing to function in a society; it’s very bad when it easily eats away at your emotional soul. This personal journey analogates to three main spells of the Slytherin house that I have slowly mastered overtime. My buzzfeed quiz ranks me as Slytherin and Ravenclaw by 32% and 31% respectively. Characteristic of those in Slytherin are their hellish childhoods, from Tom Riddle to Professor Snape and Malfoy. I say this as while people think Malfoy has had the perfect childhood, his parents were too obsessed with what their status to the point that he was only utilized as a chess piece to attain their status in life. While the rivalry of Malfoy and Harry extends later on, the ending movie explicates it has evolved into more of a healthier one.

The person best and deflection in the whole Harry Potter series is Professor Snape in occlumency, due to what he endured possibly through his childhood. An example of this wall in practice of when Harry executes is when Harry meets Voldemort and feels intensely attracted Voldemort’s wishes for him, to which his mother states, “It’s why you are different Harry! Not the same.” By emphasizing our differences with those around us, we immediately create a barrier between ourselves and them, showing how we’re untouchable. This sometimes makes me seem an asshole though, and I’m willing to sacrifice that. It’s like bae. I’m out of your league.

The second example is Patronus, which comes in the form of beauty of those we love the most. This perhaps isn’t characteristically dark magic, but is hailed as one of the most efficacious deflection spells; the spell derives its power from immense longing and loss. Snape’s Patronus came in the characterization of Lily, a deer. By thinking of those we care about, we are able to focus and alleviate the pain of others around us. She probably made his childhood much easier to bear with, and without her, Snape possibly would have been a very different person. If you are an empath, it manifests people and opportunities out there in times of pain, like magic.

The last way perhaps described in the Harry Potter series is a bit sadistic, and is more advanced as a fourth-year hex spell. It utilizes the negative energy directed towards us to deflect it and diametrically hurt those that hurt us. It requires mental judo of using the negative energy and showing people examples of their insecurities and behavior by removing yourself as the subject and putting it in a broader context.

Narcissists in real life are very great at doing this and are highly attracted to empathetic people as we show our emotional turmoil; they know where to hit. I’ll admit it, to some extent it feels good to attain justice to those that hurt me; it’s like don’t mess with me, just stay away. If it’s greater than the amount of pain that they hurt me with, than I’d feel guilty but deflection allows you to contrapuntally ensure that greatness doesn’t happen, as it forces them to see what a bad person they are, only and if they did something wrong. This is highly effective as narcissists hurt normal people that don’t even want talk to them or know them due to their insecurities; by definition they are people intimidated by others, tear them down that they don’t allow them to also be amazing because they do not want to share their seat at the top. I see this in so many catty guys and gals. They tend to be nice upfront but resort to sh*t talking or other underhanded methods to get to your skin. These people are muggles, through and through. Stay the f*ck away from them; I have given many chances through and through in collaboration and have been burned every single f*cking time.

From the aforementioned most popular Slytherins with screentime, even Malfoy saved Harry’s ass in the end by giving him the elder wand, and Tom Riddle is mean to you up front. And well Snape. Of course he’s seen as the ultimate asshole, right?

If you’re able to deflect this, you are one hell of an armor.


K.S. Osone 💋