I will Teach You to be Rich: On Wallstreet and Exclusion of the Egyption Nilometer

When was the last time you felt, that you were excluded? Was it in high school, when you weren’t part of the cool crowd, or at work, when a coworker excluded you from a project? Or was it when you were at a bank, having a talk with a broker, no idea what these obfuscated wall street financial terms meant? When I say Q1 on an M3 or vanilla straight mezzanine what the hell does that really even mean?

Exclusion in and of itself is a form of violence and power, to keep it shut in within a group utilizing knowledge. Hence the aphorism, “knowledge is power”.

In ancient Egypt, nilometers were placed by priests and royalty to predict the tides of the Nile river. It was utilized to tax the citizens in according with the water amounted on the levy. More water flow clearly led to more bountiful harvests, and such “predictions” of stark accuracy tricked individuals to believing that there was a higher order power, that these priests had exclusive access too. A panopoly of stories emerged that they had powers of the Gods such as Hapi, to bring fruitfulness to earth. However, no one back then has ever actually seen the nilometer, inclusive of the Greek Herodotus whom knew and wrote of them, as they were kept locked away in temples of Egyptian priests, and hence where they derived both their knowledge and power.

Likewise, financial, political, medical, engineering etc. jargon all the way down to your plumber describing esoteric pipeline parts serves as to keep insiders whom have acquired the language in, and outsiders out. It is to develop a sense of trust within a community.

When we look at the dollar bill, we wee the words in “in God we Trust”, it represents faith or belief in someone. It represents the ability and power of imagination, and the faith or “credit” we will apply our principles and deliver. Essentially, all it is, is a tool: a vote of trust. It’s odd that on that same dollar bill, we also see a pyramid, with a mysterious Eye of Sauron that probably belongs to some sort of iluminati. This evil eye that observes us all illuminates how those that hold the trust can both exclude and oversee the rest of the pyramid.

The detrimental affects of exclusion instead of collaboration is not only self-serving as it keeps ego and power to either oneself or to respective groups, it generates elitism. While this exclusion makes one decently well-off, and perhaps some moderately successful, it does not great.

To be great, one must be an inspiration. One must give light, love, and knowledge, making one indispensable and of value in a world where it is so sparse.

The most successful individuals in the world today, from Tony Robbins to Warren Buffet do not essentially know everything- give either a medical or legal text and that’s not in their zone of genius. They simply have learned how to collaborate, empower and inspire others utilizing what they know.

There are two simple things that define human “genius”: the ability to make sense knowledge, and the ability to pass on what one knows. There’s no point to knowledge in and of itself, unless it is to be given and passed on. If the meaning of life is all but of oneself, one is subject to endless self-pity and wallowing, hating, comparisons, and wasted time.

If you thought like a millionaire investor, if your time was now 1k/hour, you wouldn’t waste it comparing. You would collaborate with your competition to learn, love and grow. You wouldn’t waste it on the wrong people, or hating. You’d spend it on giving, making beautiful memories, and sharing the life that mattered. You’d essentially be a better, person, fitting for the term of an angel.

You’d also have no need, for the evil eye or decapitated Egyptian pyramid as now with value, you attract dollar bills to you.

–K.S. Osone