Beginnings of Weclikd

We started Weclikd Inc. after spending much of our lives on social media. We realized that online communities, while being a fun, informative and collaborative space, can be a highly toxic. Disinformation, hate speech, and fake news are all core issues that online that distort the delicate veneer of reality on which  permeates into our worldview and offline interactions. As we increasingly engage with each other through remote work, chatrooms, and forums, it becomes more apparent that our virtual realities will dominate our tangible ones.

Social media is also a place where most of us waste most of our time. Most media platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram capture user content and attention without compensation. We wanted a space where liking, commenting, and sharing works will not only enrich users with insightful content, but compensate users. We created a space where time is no longer lost, but is well spent.

Let us build the future, #weclikd.