Thank You, N̶e̶x̶t̶ #weclikd💛

The reason why social media can be so toxic, is because there’s this narrative that it’s cool to be mean. It was almost every little girl’s dream to secretly be as popular as Regina George, or be Malfoy. Heck when was Harry Potter cool, with his rotund, dorky glasses?

However, being “badass” and  mean are not synonymous.

However, being “badass” and “hot” and smart are not mutually exclusive.

Social media is toxic in that in emphasizes the ideas of the most popular people, as it is only they who have the mic.

The goal of #weclikd is decentralizing power, in that everyone has a voice, that is not cool to fit on or be popular, but to be you. This is done through our unique democratized system and power of groups.

It can be lonely and isolating online, and one can feel alienated, but we want to know there is a place for you.

You can sit with us. Thank you, #weclikd.



CEO, Weclikd Inc.

MicroVC, The Knockout VC