Other social media apps want you to fit in. We want to you to bank off being you. #weclikd

You can’t be everything for everyone, but you can be everything for your fam. In high school, we’ve possibly all been scarred because we weren’t part of the cool clique. We’re here to reclaim that narrative. You are way cool, as a member of your own #clik. There’s value in being you. The more loyal your followers and social capital, the more you bank.

Other social media brands want you to fit in. Weclikd is about celebrating you, being you.

The core and revolution of every single Hollywood movie is one of identity. Take Pixar’s Toy Story, Inside Out, or Marvel’s Deadpool. Take Lucasfilm’s Star Wars. The main story line is always about Woody, Deadpool, and eponymously Luke, find out who he is, to find his tribe.

Here, Deadpool is satirically stating, that in this world full of bull loneliness where we feel that we are not enough, we’re going to carve out our own little space that is.

At #Weclikd, we want to make you, the hero of your own story.

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