What is Fake News?

The main cause of of incendiary content and hate is the lack of factuality contained in media.

Imagine if all we published as a society were research articles. Well in that case, we’d all be either 1) pretty bored for hate as we don’t find the content relevant or 2) hating on the people writing these articles in aspects we don’t know.

Most hate, and fake news is about stuff we don’t know: fiction. Imagination, the very means and purveyor of human progress is the very agency that destroys it as well.

“Fake News”, a term coined in due to the era of unrest and misinformation can be classified as the following:

  • Propoganda
  • Advertisement
  • Information with a Bent
  • Misleading Headings
  • Sensationalistic Journalism

Weclikd targets fake news by allowing multiple parties to comment and actively curate content. Our content, like a startup, evolves.

What’s currently wrong ith social media is that we enjoy to screenshot and shame people for views without giving them the opportunity to change them or to clarify. This is ironic in that human nature values adaptability and flexibility. in leaders to change their views.

We believe our gamified fintech platform allows users to engage in discourse in which they are incentivized to act in a judicious manner.

Are you excited for our launch as much as we are? Join us for our beta.


Weclikd Inc. Co-founder

Blog: theknockoutvc.com