Make Every Experience a Birthday, The Kano Way

There’s a reason why birthdays are so memorable, and it definitely isn’t intrinsic to the date itself. Mine, like most, didn’t land on a holiday for me to demand extra presents. It’s just some random number generated day, for some inconsequential human to celebrate, to find a little bit of delight in their dreary lives.
What makes birthdays so delightful are the presents we unwrap, and what they mean to us.
Customer experiences are like birthdays: the first appearance matters, and what it means is everlasting.
KANO MODEL.jpgThe Kano Model graphically depicts the exponential growth of not only satisfying your customers but also delighting them. The inverse also holds – the log of a loss due to dissatisfaction.
There are three elements to a perfect birthday gift, and thus delighting your customers:
(aka what Harvard’s first MBA course would write as “customer intimacy, product leadership, and operational excellence.)
  • It is tailored and personalized to you. It makes you feel special. Giving your finance girlfriend a box of chocolates probably feels like you brushed her off but a notebook with a handwritten joke about credit default swaps and her initials and a bottle of matcha kumbucha is, better.
  • It is interesting and novel: how would you feel getting the same thing for your birthday every year? Pretty annoyed. Let’s go back to the matcha kumbucha. It’s odd. It contains an element of surprise. Wow your customer.
  • It is affordable and hassle free to use: Imagine getting a really expensive robot, that requires you to put it together, and with the guilt that someone extravagantly blew off a wad a cash in which you don’t know how to pay back. Not a very great feeling for a birthday. Make it intuitive, and make it practical!
Some of the best secrets to customer success hide within our every day moments and interactions, the quotidian soft thoughts of empathy that blanket the interwoven fabric of human relationships.
Don’t just satisfy your customers. Delight them.