I Kant Even: If You Think Something Moral, It is No Longer Morally Right but Vain

This is why I hate people that say they do things out of kindness or justify things as morally right.

If you think something is moral you are no longer morally right, but vain and thus limiting the rights of others due to the promotion of self.

I hate myself when I do it because I know when I say I am doing something out of kindness, it is half out of vanity of thinking I am kind when I am clearly not, but a rash, selfish, obdurate human being.

We all know that one person that argues for human rights, or does favors to proclaim self righteousness. Human nature is barbaric and capitalist; it is a narrative of conquest. We are animals. However we are also programmed limits to barbarism in self promulgation and preservation.

“Although many things are done in conformity with what duty prescribes, it is nevertheless always doubtful whether they are done strictly from duty, so as to have a moral worth. Hence there have at all times been philosophers who have altogether denied that this disposition actually exists at all in human actions, and have ascribed everything to a more or less refined self-love… Sometimes it happens that with the sharpest self-examination we can find nothing beside the moral principle of duty which could have been powerful enough to move us to this or that action and to so great a sacrifice; yet we cannot from this infer with certainty that it was not really some secret impulse of self-love, under the false appearance of duty, that was the actual determining cause of the will. We like them to flatter ourselves by falsely taking credit for a more noble motive; whereas in fact we can never, even by the strictest examination, get completely behind the secret springs of action; since, when the question is of moral worth, it is not with the actions which we see that we are concerned, but with those inward principles of them which we do not see.” -Immanual Kant

So pretty much, instead of focusing on the appearance of or announcing one is righteous, just do. True kindness is the silent warmth in the rays of the sun, and expects none, takes none, and gives without expectation of one.

But who am I to judge?

Excusez moi. 💋