Day 1: Beginnings

We will begin. I understand the price of success now, and the reasons for these requests and things.It is, essentially, losing everything. However, love takes two people, communication takes two people, and I will make you watch as I grow, and as I write to myself.  I do not even time to cook for myself to be frank, and I will start.

I will start writing, what I do, each day, even though I feared being copied. I will give as this crazy man asked me to give, my mind to the world. I will inspire myself with love, to keep going.

“You are so hard to copy because you are so random, and randomness is seldom reproducible.”

 We already went over why bureaucracy implements changes so one of cultural values will make everyone like me. A true artist never fears being copied, because anyone, can frame a piece of paper and sign Picasso’s name. What makes any artist, living is they are fucking ridiculous and constantly create with originality. It is not reproducible.

I used to think my randomness and my silly emotions were bad thing. They are life itself. 

“I want to revert all changes on slack overflow and get rid borders; it seems like a comic book and lines demarcate thought.” We just implemented this feature yesterday. Yes, pivot, now. Snapchat is smart, and all these companies that survive, because here is the thing: your TAM is not where you are, it is where you are going. I apologize for being ass, and I apologize for yelling at everyone for changes in font. I understand learning about Steve Jobs in Dr. Lewak’s class and how he thought does not give me the right to behave, like Steve Jobs.

These letters are not about love. They are about what love means to me. In film, it is the opposite of an essay where you wait until the end to discover the meaning. That would give you an F paper, so I will tell you my mission with letters up front, like our motto, A Space for the Intellectually Curious. Love, and this company itself is about sacrifice, and questioning the value of ideas and thoughts. 

I started Knockout Capital to fuel the future, as I saw what people needed, but what they need more, when everything is dies, is hope. 

What is the basic unit of a company? It is not a team, though I love you all. 

It is not the venture capital or angel investors that fund it, or its resources. 

The basic unit of a company, is an idea. What are your ideas, worth?

My ideas, are all about love, and art, and simplicity. I will now show you what not art truly is, but what love itself truly is, and how it is built through passion and company over five years, and sacrifice, in unknown of giving up everything dear to me, if I already haven’t enough, as of last year. This is my final straw, and I am now whole. 

Perhaps one day, you as my team will think me funny and publish these letters, as I start emailing, as our company culture mailing list, but they will know what made this company is made of, why it is so odd, but I want you to walk in that Uber right now, and tell a story.

Ask him, what his life is about. He too, has a story. How much, are his ideas worth. Come up to him. We see. We likd. Weclikd.

It is these small interactions that define the fabric of society itself. 

T.S. Elliot was right, about this Wasteland. To become a writer yourself, you must steal. What is it that you can steal though, and stealing, is not easy. You must steal, a soul, itself, and you cannot do it, by breaking someone else. The only way to steal a soul, is to break your own, cruelly, and in that you will find your own voice.

This, is what makes a visionary, someone who had everything, but gave it all away.