Obliquity: the Uncertainty that Drives Life

Day 2: Obliquity, The Uncertainty that Drives Life

It is Saturday, so there are no meetings today, but we will adjourn tomorrow night. Progress has been slow, and at times we may question why our releases are delayed, simply because there are too many errors and mistakes. A MVP does not mean an utterly imperfect product released, but rather one that is minimally perfect with all its subset of features. It must include the elan vital of the work, with enough uncertainty for change.

Obliquity in physics is why the rises, from the east, and lands in the west; it is as if the cosmic universe itself is telling us that in order to stay together as “WE”, we must oppose it itself. The deadly sins that corrupt moral order and society, are the very forces that our interconnections with each other diametrically oppose. 

Obliquity in law is the ability uncertainty, of being indirect or vague for the purpose of deception. It’s the reason when you give a mouse a cookie and tell it to not take another it says it will “try” instead of “it will not”.

Obliquity in the sense of entrepreneurship, is the indirect nature of hustle that makes each individual journey of success, meaningful and significant. 

Obliquity in seasons is what makes life, beautiful. It is what makes the leaves on the tree on Zuccotti Park change to the gold, more golden than what the banks of Goldman Sachs can ever hold; it is what gives the earth variance in days, and why it rises at 6AM higher in the summer, and lower at 6PM in the winter. It is what makes each day of the year, unique.

To truly understand what this word obliquity means entails understanding the multifaceted context of why Weclikd was developed, of understanding the multifarious connections of groups that shape the blanket fabric of society, and how they convalesce together in peace. We are a place of discourse, of a blank, empty space of intellectual thought, to see white pages of paper in the ex ante colors it can be. 

Let your mind be a canvas, and instead of making it take color, let color take shape on the paper itself. 

To experience obliquity one must be a black swan one has never seen by diving head first into the Lake Wobegon effect- as one can only accurately assess their true capabilities by falling, sinking and rising again in the stochastic motion of water and trust in the randomness of life that one will be uplifted and survive.