The Grain of a Soul

Day 3: The Small Differences Define the Grain of a Soul

The purpose of art and thoughts is that it is meant to compound the human soul via expansion of its multitude in ideas as one questions what something means in its fullest. There is always a difference between a copy and an original work of a brush stroke, and it is these nuances that make the work what it is, itself.

When one truly ponders what these online spaces are: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Tiktok, Whatsapp they all look and function the same. However in the multitudinous of their efforts, what makes them unique and different, albeit they all serve social functions is what makes them who they are. Reddit is a community mainly for the tech enthusiasts, Facebook for businesses and personal life, Twitter for slanderous political fumes and jokes, Instagram for photos, Linkedin for business, Snapchat for sex, and Tiktok, for karaoking, and Whatsapp, well just iMessage, green and more impending. 

When people say that Weclikd Inc. just another social platform, I would like to assert we are not a social platform at all, but rather a tool for individuals who utilize social media to capture the value of their time online. How many times have you worked in creating art or jokes on Twitter, and you were copied? How many times were you not seen or recognized, and not paid for the quality of it, else you are J.Law where each tweet already is worth 20k per endorsement? Much of what is said on social platforms is not the originality or compunction in thought, but who said it, how popular they are, and if they are nepotized in power such as America’s Trump. Our mission, is to change this status quo. 

While it is the commonalities of these social platforms like sushi, that make it all appear like sushi, the work of the artist themselves is tied into the differences that give something as simple as rice, its soul and flavor.

Often then true are unseen, their art is stolen, and that is what built this platform for: to give the unseen a voice, and pay them for it. We even allowed for anonymous accounts, such as anime fanatics, gamers and businesses to generate revenue and build groups to fund ideas under certain guidelines. We created this space for quality content for any user to get paid: that’s what it says on our business cards. We are building “cool, hate-free communities, where you get paid”. 

The monetization and security of our platform itself is a differential factor. When compared to the quality content on Medium, Weclikd does not function via sheer electronic distributive votes or claps. similar to affiliate marketing, nor does it rely on the volatility of crypto assets such as Steemit, which essentially is Reddit but done on its own blockchain. We rely on the American banking system, itself, and we are reinventing what digital assets, and what the economy truly, means.

Kiyoko Osone, CEO Weclikd Inc.