Letting Some fires burn

Letting Some Fires Burn

There are some features that we have listed on our Github that needs to be re-prioritized. We need to let some fires burn, in order to implement the features that are necessary. The design changes I wrote three paragraphs with delineation of how design should not only be kept simple, but should feel like a cohesive whole, like an orchestra where while the parts may be different, there must be a unifying theme. Please ensure fonts, spelling, everything the same. I have repeated this a multitude of times, and I understand that these changes may be small. 

As Arnold Schwarzenner states, “If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it immediately.” I would like this sense of applying what I teach paired with immediate execution. 

Furthermore, think of these features we add as a portfolio, and each new feature and item spent a correspondent to risk and return. Adding too many features, and even worse, features we do not need that is not core to the identity of our app will generate negative returns and detract users from the main experience of the app. For instance, the cliks are essential the function of Weclikd and the “turn-it-in-like feature” is a core feature of the app that should be perfected. The content is core, and automated text and photo generation per post, along with basic design which are the bones to this app should be solid before discussing any other features. 

Things like photography, we can definitely work on add ons as embellishments in our V2 feature to make it more user friendly, but we are not a photography app. We are a fintech tool for discussion. This photography or scrapbooking would not be a very good investment of our time or energy as we can use that time instead to share the app, use it, and garner market traction.

I want everyone to know it’s also okay to propose seemingly inane or ludicrous ideas, as even though they are not core, and will be discarded, brainstorming is part of the fun in building something new together. What would you want to pay for? What high quality thing would you want to create? 

I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far, being it a small team, and that most of us work full-time elsewhere, and we must keep going. The beauty of having this bootstrapped is that we do not have to answer to investors, and thus our team is able to have more time off and leeway, but we should still be cognizant of our runaway, and be true to what we stand for.