The Thought Box

Empathy, Idiot, and the Thought Box

The iPhone and Macbook Air is what many would call an empathy box. It allows one with due content to connect with others online, as it breathes life to hardware. Without the content of Mac and how hardware is meaningful, well the iPhone and Macbook Air would simply be a metal brick, and a larger metal brick. It is our means of connecting with long distance loved ones and our communities, which for the most part is no longer constructed of physical barriers, but is globalized online.

The idiot box, is the TV itself. Instead of living life, viewers of TV content vicariously imbibe it. The telecom industry in 2017 was split into a new GICs index of its own as it behaves very differently than electronic growth stocks such as the ones in FAANG. If Netflix fails to innovate as tech goes, it will booted off; innovation and change is the heart of tech itself, and for the record, half of Americans age 22 to 45 do not watch TV. Being a partisan of the upper end of GenZ myself, I can assert that I watch no television. I find it, peculiarly stupid to be a consumer of content, not a creator of it. 

Weclikd Inc. ascertains to be a thought box. It is, as our mission statement states, a place for the intellectually curious. It is to mimic the Bellovian walls of the thanes of discourse of PhD students and elite universities, all the while making it fun. It currently does not have a hardware component, but our expansion strategy may be unique in how we may potentially become hardware. To expand on hardware or software, we must first do one thing very well, and for now, I will prioritize our software and making it function. 

This is not Steve Job’s era, so we must play by new rules, but his maxim is still the same: consumers do not know what they want. We will tell them what they want.