A Drop of Water, and Pot of Pasta too is a Symmetric Time Crystal

A Drop of Water, and Pot of Pasta too is a Symmetric Time Crystal

We have argued for over two hours about what a crystal is, which is an utter waste of time. Let me explain as I am given the microphone and I have gone utterly nuts. It is not the precipitate of if I boil off water that remains, those are calcium deposits. Nor is it sheerly the salt that you see that gets dissolved in water. In theory, I can argue that the whole entire composition of water and salt, due to the increase in boiling point and less time used to boil pasta, is a crystal. Let me explain, using water itself. 

If you stare at a drop of water long enough, it becomes a clock. At Weclikd Inc, we want to be this drop of water, a drop that exhibits symmetry that pervades the very essence and bonds of life. 

Symmetry is often stated in poetry as the divine music dropped from the spheres of heaven. It is the law of radial art that gives beauty in red roses and sea anemones, of the bilateral mirrors within humans and pine trees that internally reflect themselves. In physics, symmetry is the law that holds eternally true, regardless of contexts of space or time.  In fact, it is this phenomenon, the symmetry that serves as a constant law that allows one to experiment and generate reproducible results, even through different spaces and time.

When we look at a drop of water, at a specific heat of vaporization, its bonds will break at that specific heat, and change phases into vapor where the laws that held the molecule together no longer apply. In a given function of time, all of the water will evaporate. With a specific heat of fusion, the water will recondense in a given amount of time, will reform its bonds. However the bonds formed, the molecules coming together may be of the same sort in a closed system, but the bonds connecting each molecule and how they assemble will be different. 

If I added salt, which in itself can be an example of a crystal, sodium and chloride will form ionic bonds and increase the specific heat of water, making it easier and faster for us to make pasta when it reaches its boiling point. This pot of water with salt exhibits more stability due to the resonance or electrons that forms between the salt and molecules of water, as the charges stabilize the electronegativity of hydrogen and oxygen. A crystal simply is a state of matter in which the arrangement of atoms take on repeating patterns. In that likeness, imperfect fractals, lichtenberg structures, or veins, are mirrors of crystals too. They embody, art and symmetry. 

Likewise, once water condenses, it forms a crystalline structure. Suddenly, ice, becomes lighter than its counterpart and the law of physics in which solids should be more denser than liquids breaks. When physical laws break, similar to our aforementioned discussion about how time breaks and this is a new era and not Steve Job’s era of hardware, a spontaneous phase transition has occurred.

Water essentially is a type of time crystal- anything whose system repeats at regular intervals through space or time is, such as pendulum, math, history, human beings- we are just drops of water, one part of the whole, and all functions of time. 

–That Art History Major that Didn’t have to Take Your Midterm