Epicurious is He, The Most Satisfied Man in the World

Weclikd Inc. is a place for originality and compunction of thought.

The person who dwells in sheer pleasure, where indolency of the body satisfies the tranquility of the mind is an inane ass. To be capitalist means to do productive work, if we be venture capitalists in Silicon Valley to generate productivity with capita. Wastefulness, sheer commerce and luxury is the core of Epicurean thought, as the very man that pleasures are named for, is the same man that understands that they are for those who wish to practice escapism and let his atoms rot and die. 

The Epicurean utopia is freedom from fear and absence from pain. This can be obtained through hedonism which numbs the mind. His ultimate goal was peace of mind and virtues, but through centuries this has been translated and utilized as a means to justify hedonism, separation of self from others through dwelling in life’s luxuries is a wallowing means. 

To think, is to feel pain, to be lit by all the nocirecpetors of corpuscles endings in our skin, but the nodes in the corpus of our mind. To achieve Epicurean utopia for oneself and to work towards it as a whole are two different matters, which the latter Weclikd Inc. strives for- a place where the pleasures of the mind will be but rewarded.