The first days of Weclikd Inc. compiled

I started Weclikd Inc. officially in January of 2019 and this is our drafts and journey as I first began. In reality it was something I always wanted to build- as we have family in the hotel industry and medicine it was a difficult decision for me to make and pave my own way in business and entrepreneurship. If pathways are tested and function it’s best not replace the cog in the wheel and to follow suit, but for me it wasn’t my life’s mission to simply resign myself to medicine. I was on my second rounds of interviews with Tulane and the UCSF post-baccalaureate before I realized I only had one life, and left to finance. For me it’s a logic game, connecting with those where value converges on imagination. Weclikd is that marketplace that converses thought into valuation. It took us about a year and a half or so to lead a team part-time to create this. There are 22 days, one for each day since I graduated, and one for each day I convinced myself I can do this for the rest of my life.

Day 1: Beginnings

We will begin. I understand the price of success now, and the reasons for these requests and things.It is, essentially, losing everything. However, love takes two people, communication takes two people, and I will make you watch as I grow, and as I write to myself.  I do not even time to cook for myself to be frank, and I will start.

I will start writing, what I do, each day, even though I feared being copied. I will give as this crazy man asked me to give, my mind to the world. I will inspire myself with love, to keep going.

“You are so hard to copy because you are so random, and randomness is seldom reproducible.”

 We already went over why bureaucracy implements changes so one of cultural values will make everyone like me. A true artist never fears being copied, because anyone, can frame a piece of paper and sign Picasso’s name. What makes any artist, living is they are fucking ridiculous and constantly create with originality. It is not reproducible.

I used to think my randomness and my silly emotions were bad thing. They are life itself. 

“I want to revert all changes on slack overflow and get rid borders; it seems like a comic book and lines demarcate thought.” We just implemented this feature yesterday. Yes, pivot, now. Snapchat is smart, and all these companies that survive, because here is the thing: your TAM is not where you are, it is where you are going. I apologize for being ass, and I apologize for yelling at everyone for changes in font. I understand learning about Steve Jobs in Dr. Lewak’s class and how he thought does not give me the right to behave, like Steve Jobs.

These letters are not about love. They are about what love means to me. In film, it is the opposite of an essay where you wait until the end to discover the meaning. That would give you an F paper, so I will tell you my mission with letters up front, like our motto, A Space for the Intellectually Curious. Love, and this company itself is about sacrifice, and questioning the value of ideas and thoughts. 

I started Knockout Capital to fuel the future, as I saw what people needed, but what they need more, when everything is dies, is hope. 

What is the basic unit of a company? It is not a team, though I love you all. 

It is not the venture capital or angel investors that fund it, or its resources. 

The basic unit of a company, is an idea. What are your ideas, worth?

My ideas, are all about love, and art, and simplicity. I will now show you what not art truly is, but what love itself truly is, and how it is built through passion and company over five years, and sacrifice, in unknown of giving up everything dear to me, if I already haven’t enough, as of last year. This is my final straw, and I am now whole. 

Perhaps one day, you as my team will think me funny and publish these letters, as I start emailing, as our company culture mailing list, but they will know what made this company is made of, why it is so odd, but I want you to walk in that Uber right now, and tell a story.

Ask him, what his life is about. He too, has a story. How much, are his ideas worth. Come up to him. We see. We likd. Weclikd.

It is these small interactions that define the fabric of society itself. 

T.S. Elliot was right, about this Wasteland. To become a writer yourself, you must steal. What is it that you can steal though, and stealing, is not easy. You must steal, a soul, itself, and you cannot do it, by breaking someone else. The only way to steal a soul, is to break your own, cruelly, and in that you will find your own voice.

This, is what makes a visionary, someone who had everything, but gave it all away.

Day 2: Obliquity, The Uncertainty that Drives Life

Day 2: Obliquity, The Uncertainty that Drives Life

It is Saturday, so there are no meetings today, but we will adjourn tomorrow night. Progress has been slow, and at times we may question why our releases are delayed, simply because there are too many errors and mistakes. A MVP does not mean an utterly imperfect product released, but rather one that is minimally perfect with all its subset of features. It must include the elan vital of the work, with enough uncertainty for change.

Obliquity in physics is why the rises, from the east, and lands in the west; it is as if the cosmic universe itself is telling us that in order to stay together as “WE”, we must oppose it itself. The deadly sins that corrupt moral order and society, are the very forces that our interconnections with each other diametrically oppose. 

Obliquity in law is the ability uncertainty, of being indirect or vague for the purpose of deception. It’s the reason when you give a mouse a cookie and tell it to not take another it says it will “try” instead of “it will not”.

Obliquity in the sense of entrepreneurship, is the indirect nature of hustle that makes each individual journey of success, meaningful and significant. 

Obliquity in seasons is what makes life, beautiful. It is what makes the leaves on the tree on Zuccotti Park change to the gold, more golden than what the banks of Goldman Sachs can ever hold; it is what gives the earth variance in days, and why it rises at 6AM higher in the summer, and lower at 6PM in the winter. It is what makes each day of the year, unique.

To truly understand what this word obliquity means entails understanding the multifaceted context of why Weclikd was developed, of understanding the multifarious connections of groups that shape the blanket fabric of society, and how they convalesce together in peace. We are a place of discourse, of a blank, empty space of intellectual thought, to see white pages of paper in the ex ante colors it can be. 

Let your mind be a canvas, and instead of making it take color, let color take shape on the paper itself. 

To experience obliquity one must be a black swan one has never seen by diving head first into the Lake Wobegon effect- as one can only accurately assess their true capabilities by falling, sinking and rising again in the stochastic motion of water and trust in the randomness of life that one will be uplifted and survive. 

Day 3: The Small Differences Define the Grain of a Soul

The purpose of art and thoughts is that it is meant to compound the human soul via expansion of its multitude in ideas as one questions what something means in its fullest. There is always a difference between a copy and an original work of a brush stroke, and it is these nuances that make the work what it is, itself.

When one truly ponders what these online spaces are: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat, Tiktok, Whatsapp they all look and function the same. However in the multitudinous of their efforts, what makes them unique and different, albeit they all serve social functions is what makes them who they are. Reddit is a community mainly for the tech enthusiasts, Facebook for businesses and personal life, Twitter for slanderous political fumes and jokes, Instagram for photos, Linkedin for business, Snapchat for sex, and Tiktok, for karaoking, and Whatsapp, well just iMessage, green and more impending. 

When people say that Weclikd Inc. just another social platform, I would like to assert we are not a social platform at all, but rather a tool for individuals who utilize social media to capture the value of their time online. How many times have you worked in creating art or jokes on Twitter, and you were copied? How many times were you not seen or recognized, and not paid for the quality of it, else you are J.Law where each tweet already is worth 20k per endorsement? Much of what is said on social platforms is not the originality or compunction in thought, but who said it, how popular they are, and if they are nepotized in power such as America’s Trump. Our mission, is to change this status quo. 

While it is the commonalities of these social platforms like sushi, that make it all appear like sushi, the work of the artist themselves is tied into the differences that give something as simple as rice, its soul and flavor.

Often then true are unseen, their art is stolen, and that is what built this platform for: to give the unseen a voice, and pay them for it. We even allowed for anonymous accounts, such as anime fanatics, gamers and businesses to generate revenue and build groups to fund ideas under certain guidelines. We created this space for quality content for any user to get paid: that’s what it says on our business cards. We are building “cool, hate-free communities, where you get paid”. 

The monetization and security of our platform itself is a differential factor. When compared to the quality content on Medium, Weclikd does not function via sheer electronic distributive votes or claps. similar to affiliate marketing, nor does it rely on the volatility of crypto assets such as Steemit, which essentially is Reddit but done on its own blockchain. We rely on the American banking system, itself, and we are reinventing what digital assets, and what the economy truly, means.

Day 4: Empathy, Idiot, and the Thought Box

The iPhone and Macbook Air is what many would call an empathy box. It allows one with due content to connect with others online, as it breathes life to hardware. Without the content of Mac and how hardware is meaningful, well the iPhone and Macbook Air would simply be a metal brick, and a larger metal brick. It is our means of connecting with long distance loved ones and our communities, which for the most part is no longer constructed of physical barriers, but is globalized online.

The idiot box, is the TV itself. Instead of living life, viewers of TV content vicariously imbibe it. The telecom industry in 2017 was split into a new GICs index of its own as it behaves very differently than electronic growth stocks such as the ones in FAANG. If Netflix fails to innovate as tech goes, it will booted off; innovation and change is the heart of tech itself, and for the record, half of Americans age 22 to 45 do not watch TV. Being a partisan of the upper end of GenZ myself, I can assert that I watch no television. I find it, peculiarly stupid to be a consumer of content, not a creator of it. 

Weclikd Inc. ascertains to be a thought box. It is, as our mission statement states, a place for the intellectually curious. It is to mimic the Bellovian walls of the thanes of discourse of PhD students and elite universities, all the while making it fun. It currently does not have a hardware component, but our expansion strategy may be unique in how we may potentially become hardware. To expand on hardware or software, we must first do one thing very well, and for now, I will prioritize our software and making it function. 

This is not Steve Job’s era, so we must play by new rules, but his maxim is still the same: consumers do not know what they want. We will tell them what they want.

Day 5: Letting Some Fires Burn

There are some features that we have listed on our Github that needs to be re-prioritized. We need to let some fires burn, in order to implement the features that are necessary. The design changes I wrote three paragraphs with delineation of how design should not only be kept simple, but should feel like a cohesive whole, like an orchestra where while the parts may be different, there must be a unifying theme. Please ensure fonts, spelling, everything the same. I have repeated this a multitude of times, and I understand that these changes may be small. 

As Arnold Schwarzenner states, “If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it immediately.” I would like this sense of applying what I teach paired with immediate execution. 

Furthermore, think of these features we add as a portfolio, and each new feature and item spent a correspondent to risk and return. Adding too many features, and even worse, features we do not need that is not core to the identity of our app will generate negative returns and detract users from the main experience of the app. For instance, the cliks are essential the function of Weclikd and the “turn-it-in-like feature” is a core feature of the app that should be perfected. The content is core, and automated text and photo generation per post, along with basic design which are the bones to this app should be solid before discussing any other features. 

Things like photography, we can definitely work on add ons as embellishments in our V2 feature to make it more user friendly, but we are not a photography app. We are a fintech tool for discussion. This photography or scrapbooking would not be a very good investment of our time or energy as we can use that time instead to share the app, use it, and garner market traction.

I want everyone to know it’s also okay to propose seemingly inane or ludicrous ideas, as even though they are not core, and will be discarded, brainstorming is part of the fun in building something new together. What would you want to pay for? What high quality thing would you want to create? 

I am very proud of everything we have achieved so far, being it a small team, and that most of us work full-time elsewhere, and we must keep going. The beauty of having this bootstrapped is that we do not have to answer to investors, and thus our team is able to have more time off and leeway, but we should still be cognizant of our runaway, and be true to what we stand for. 

Day 6: A Drop of Water, and Pot of Pasta too is a Symmetric Time Crystal

We have argued for over two hours about what a crystal is, which is an utter waste of time. Let me explain as I am given the microphone and I have gone utterly nuts. It is not the precipitate of if I boil off water that remains, those are calcium deposits. Nor is it sheerly the salt that you see that gets dissolved in water. In theory, I can argue that the whole entire composition of water and salt, due to the increase in boiling point and less time used to boil pasta, is a crystal. Let me explain, using water itself. 

If you stare at a drop of water long enough, it becomes a clock. At Weclikd Inc, we want to be this drop of water, a drop that exhibits symmetry that pervades the very essence and bonds of life. 

Symmetry is often stated in poetry as the divine music dropped from the spheres of heaven. It is the law of radial art that gives beauty in red roses and sea anemones, of the bilateral mirrors within humans and pine trees that internally reflect themselves. In physics, symmetry is the law that holds eternally true, regardless of contexts of space or time.  In fact, it is this phenomenon, the symmetry that serves as a constant law that allows one to experiment and generate reproducible results, even through different spaces and time.

When we look at a drop of water, at a specific heat of vaporization, its bonds will break at that specific heat, and change phases into vapor where the laws that held the molecule together no longer apply. In a given function of time, all of the water will evaporate. With a specific heat of fusion, the water will recondense in a given amount of time, will reform its bonds. However the bonds formed, the molecules coming together may be of the same sort in a closed system, but the bonds connecting each molecule and how they assemble will be different. 

If I added salt, which in itself can be an example of a crystal, sodium and chloride will form ionic bonds and increase the specific heat of water, making it easier and faster for us to make pasta when it reaches its boiling point. This pot of water with salt exhibits more stability due to the resonance or electrons that forms between the salt and molecules of water, as the charges stabilize the electronegativity of hydrogen and oxygen. A crystal simply is a state of matter in which the arrangement of atoms take on repeating patterns. In that likeness, imperfect fractals, lichtenberg structures, or veins, are mirrors of crystals too. They embody, art and symmetry. 

Likewise, once water condenses, it forms a crystalline structure. Suddenly, ice, becomes lighter than its counterpart and the law of physics in which solids should be more denser than liquids breaks. When physical laws break, similar to our aforementioned discussion about how time breaks and this is a new era and not Steve Job’s era of hardware, a spontaneous phase transition has occurred.

Water essentially is a type of time crystal- anything whose system repeats at regular intervals through space or time is, such as pendulum, math, history, human beings- we are just drops of water, one part of the whole, and all functions of time. 

–That Art History Major that Didn’t have to Take Your Midterm

Day 7: Epicurious is He, The Most Satisfied Man in the World

Weclikd Inc. is a place for originality and compunction of thought.

The person who dwells in sheer pleasure, where indolency of the body satisfies the tranquility of the mind is an inane ass. To be capitalist means to do productive work, if we be venture capitalists in Silicon Valley to generate productivity with capita. Wastefulness, sheer commerce and luxury is the core of Epicurean thought, as the very man that pleasures are named for, is the same man that understands that they are for those who wish to practice escapism and let his atoms rot and die. 

The Epicurean utopia is freedom from fear and absence from pain. This can be obtained through hedonism which numbs the mind. His ultimate goal was peace of mind and virtues, but through centuries this has been translated and utilized as a means to justify hedonism, separation of self from others through dwelling in life’s luxuries is a wallowing means. 

To think, is to feel pain, to be lit by all the nocirecpetors of corpuscles endings in our skin, but the nodes in the corpus of our mind. To achieve Epicurean utopia for oneself and to work towards it as a whole are two different matters, which the latter Weclikd Inc. strives for- a place where the pleasures of the mind will be but rewarded. 

Day 8: I Kant Even: Concessions, and Why We Argue

Often times we do not get along as I like to learn things from a top-down level, and re-build it via bottom-up. This can get me into trouble at times with “literary bullshit” if I do not revisit and re-learn things from square one, but I am different than you in that I will not learn or take on an enterprise without an inspirational use case. For instance, if you were to approach someone like me that values not the status of a techbro, I will not code. It doesn’t matter if it is used everywhere. Money and linear algebra is also used everywhere. I care not even for money until I see how it is applied, or linear algebra, and it needs to resonate with me, on a basal level that defies natural means- like an electron neutrino, suddenly swapping places with an electron in an atom. It’s obvious I don’t approach life or think like most people who just learn, so they can live or because it is practical. For me, it needs to be practical, in a beautiful way. 

We hear a plethora of peeps who keep saying, “I Kant even…” which at the core, elucidates Immanual Kant’s dilemma in theoretical philosophy: the dichotomy between having ideas of reason, and grasping a concept of understanding. Peeps typically utilize this phrase when they lack an understanding of a person,  even though it is clear that there is an external reason why the other, and not themselves would do so. 

Most of our reason derives from our empirical senses, through an effect of causality. We see a book in front of us, ergo it exits, we sleep and ergo, our dreams are delusive upon waking. Observations themselves, are pure, as Kant claims, “error is only effected through the unnoticed influence of sensibility on understanding, through which it happens that the subjective grounds of the judgment join with the objective ones”. This means that humans often err in reason, when they let judgement color their senses. All reason thus, that holds true is where dreams end, and sensations begin.

Likewise, if one does not hold any form of reasoning, they are an ass in the sense of idiot in every possible way. There is always a reason why one does something, based off of an observable phenomena. For instance, I eat because I am hungry, I learn because I am inspired. I fall in love, because I want to feel complete. Now if one lacks the latter part of the clause after the “because”, they lack reason.

I’d like us, to think of this on our day off what reason why you do the things you do? If we extend this the next step further, there perhaps are different flavors of reasoning, even purity so: altruism, love, selflessness, ego- to question reason itself allows one to understand the motivations and why others do they things they do. Why do we go about enforcing our reasons? Sometimes, the answer isn’t always pretty, but it is what makes man, ironically, not an ass in the sense of an inane donkey, but very much an ass in many other ways.

Day 9: The Math of Cultural Appropriation

Unless one is partisan of a culture, they have no right to speak and negate that culture’s experiences. This occurs consistently in modern culture with utter disrespect to postcolonial narratives. An example are American deriving women of rights to wearing hijabs as it is unfeminist to cover up a woman’s body,  but in that culture, females find it empowering. Another, of Starbucks atrociously parading in “social justice” to plant trees that displace the ones of the indigenous culture to promote more coffee planting. Coffee is a dry plant, which may be useful in places of opium as another means of free trade, but in displacement of the native species in Guatamala, it is a completely different story. 

These whitewashing of narrative sand academic discourse that occurs in ___ culture studies that Americans White Wash and appropriate, we must delouse from our platform as it erases the narratives of the true story.

From personal experience, it is one thing, to go to Little Ethiopia and enjoy the food with a friend. It is another to exoticize, and claim that culture as part of one’s own identity, and speak on behalf of the minorities of Black people, wearing African wigs, or embracing Harlem. It would be wrong of me, like the frat parties of UCLA to wear African American wigs, and consistently comment on the food of that culture, and pretend to be a part of that culture, when I am not. I have no right to speak on a culture where my generations before me did not enspouse slavery or jingoism; I understand that some people substitute passion as a means, but passion can easily be conflated with exoticism due to the lens of desire. I appreciate African American music, Jazz, as also Mexican Salsas, Italian Operas, Indian Yoga, Chinese BBq, etc. culture. I do not comment and claim to be an expert and speaking for that group in any of their lifestyle norms. 

It’s a one  thing perhaps if you have a partner of a certain culture, and are celebrating it with them. It is another, to be a White person, and speak and claim color that is not yours. That is an act of theft and violence, and a huge travesty in any form of discourse.

From my own culture, is a huge issue with Kim Oh No appropriating Japanese Kimonos, and speaking out for Japanese culture what  Kimono means, along with Weeabus that think we are all supposed to behave like Anime characters all the time, along with Japanese makeup, food, and cultural normativity. Culture, is one thing that is traditional, it is inherent to the people of that race. This the one time, you should reference other voices, and summarize, and not create original content, just like how science has laws. When analyzing text, for instance, it is best to see through the lens of Frederick Douglas and his manacled brethren, it is best to see through the lens of Miyazaki, and not impinge our own White lens and whitewash culture. 

Some rules, the unspoken ones, are not meant to be broken, just like how I am relearning linear algebra to understand particle physics. Between Electron, Muan, and Tau, like Terrence Tao he is the heaviest particle of them all in that triangle isn’t he? We will learn math in the context of math.

Day 10: Lingua Franca, an Assertion of One’s Value in a Fairytale of Commerce

If you read The Little Mermaid, Prince Eric notably falls in love with Ariel’s voice, not literally, but figuratively as that is what espouses her identity. Ariel’s voice represents the language and spoken word is a means of economic trade, that breaks down the barriers of people between land and sea. The woman who takes Ariel’s voice, states she has “hair, her body, and face” which intimates how most of language can be intimated through body language, but her soul can only be seen through the music of her ideas. 

At the core, language represents like English serves as a commodity of ideal exchange- a linga franca, a communal exchange of ideas. The loss of one’s voice and power to vociferate their ideas, is the loss of self. It is our sole mission here help people find their voices, and express their genuine thoughts. 

A direct example of the economics of language in traversing barriers is seen in immigrants learning English for upward mobility in America, and of learning a culture, such as when Ariel ascertains to learn the culture and eat with humans. She walks, and confides with the Prince in his daily activities to understand her role within society to gain acceptance as a foreigner.

Commerce itself relies on crossing borders like a seashell, a logarithmic spiral that builds from individualistic self-preservation and collectivistic service to others. In other words, commerce represents the fine continuum where societal value add converges on the self.  Ariel’s voice, depicted as a fire contained in the conch shell is a means of knowledge- powerful knowledge of a kingdom itself for commerce; it is the perpetual “Orphic song” in Percy Shelly’s Prometheus Unbound, that governs rules of right and wrong. The loss of her ability to apply her knowledge represented the loss of her value as the princess of the governance of the sea itself. In Hans Christain Anderson’s rendition of the tale, the Prince loses a whole kingdom not being able to see that she is the princess as he fixates too much on outer beauty and fictitious status of neighboring countries, but to add salt to a wound, does not have the heart to stab him to reclaim her loss of self. It is a remindrance for one to always remember their authentic voice and purpose as such drastic measures occur only in nightmarish fairytales. 

If we look at a seashell closely, we’d see that logarithmic shells spiral out of their self, and Nautilus ones are special, as they maintain Arichimes’s fixed width between themselves and physical pressures of the culture in the exoskeletons in which they are formed. Our checks and balances through a decentralized seashore of society and trade of various thought groups is a means of ideological exchange. Our checks and balances in place implemented in our design of ourselves, our algorithm, and our rules is the magic that will promote constant civil discourse and the preservation of one’s truth and authentic voice, even when presented by culture or desires that cause one to lose oneself. 

Day 11: Our Paradox: The Lean Economy of Scale

One of the largest advantages of a startup is the levity  pivoting without bureaucracy behind closed doors of highly scaled Google or Morgan Stanley. Decisions are made and implemented fast, even within the brevity of a few seconds. However, the largest trade-off in return is our necessity to create economies of scale, within the paucity of our team.

To create an asymmetric market and value itself, is to have a few people such as the ones on our team dominate large economies of scale, within our networks, geographies, talent and ameliorate costs where operational management is a caveat in larger diseconomies and disagreements. 

We are in the business of a few valuable social platforms that set out to educate and light billions of lives in a the future of a world of influencers and a gig economy. 

There are three main ways in which we create economies of scale, despite being a lean team: our inherent culture divorced from even needing large quotas of users, the inability to be easily reproduced via our team and defensibility, and lastly, the necessity to answer to investors or advisors who will demarcate economies for us, allowing us to span greater breadth in shorter amount of time as most economies, unlike during Pinterest or Twitter’s time of expansion, are now online.

Welcome back everyone from Thanksgiving! I have transferred the domain and will updating the beta, as well as the pitch deck for users tomorrow. 

Day 12: HURL: To grow with Great Force 

Hurl is an acrostic I wrote to emphasize our pursuit in our goals: repeat after me: I am one with the force, and the force is with me. The goal of these reflections, as well as our daily meetings is to allow for radical truth and transparency. As our company scales, there will be caveats in maintaining this transparency and preserving our values, so we are implementing systems and rules in place from day one. As the captain and CEO of this ship, I am your Han Solo. Here goes:

  • Having fun, falling face forward, fast: Mistakes here are always encouraged and embraced!! Speed is the core of innovation, and it is what makes a Millenium Falcon, a Millenium Falcon. 
  • Uniting the best and the brightest: We are a meritocracy: of minimalism and high quality interactions, discourse, and inclusivity. Our goal is to unite top thought leaders in their groups and fields. Here wat Weclikd Inc. we are constantly questioning the value of people’s thoughts, and the integrity of their ideas as we ascribe value to them. 
  • Radical truth, radical transparency: This is Ray Dalio’s principles, we will be recording our meetings from now on and as we scale to utilize in the future as training modules: scaling a company from 1-10 people is very difficult, but as we reach new heights and grow, we must evolve and embrace challenges. In order for us to all collaborate, we must all self-reflect and embrace our flaws. Those who condemn others tend to be the worse- we will appreciate our friends and coworkers, and focus on growth. 
  • Long-term thinking and everlasting commitment: To steer Weclikd Inc., we are in this for the long haulI and never do things for quick profit, but rather mission, value and integrity. This is my Bridgewater to Ray Dalio, Space X and Tesla to Elon, my Facebook to Zuck, Twitter to Dorsey, Linkedin to Reid, Snapchat to my Spiegel, Glossier to my Weiss, Ipsy to Phan, Kora to Miranda-  you get the point. This is forever. Let’s make history.

Day 13: The Sword of Damocles: You don’t have to ask for Permission

The Sword of Damocles is the story of how a famous courtier, Damocles is invited to attend a banquet with King Dionysus. He is served the best food, and enjoys the finest pleasures, only to look up to see a sword is pointed down at him, hanging by a horse’s hair like a chandelier. The parable speaks of how all companies, and those in power while enjoying success are hanging a thread bare thin line from death– the loss of all inclusive of one’s own life with a thread bare mistake. 

In a startup environment, we are all given roles and are at the mercy of the Sword of Damocles. This primordial startup environment persisted in the aftermath of WWII when Japan was known ironically, for the worst quality products as America took the lead in manufacturing with Ford’s motors. A famous statistician, Edwards Deming deeply involved with Japan’s reconstruction efforts at the request of the US Army improved quality control within supply chains via positing that a quality product can only be made if everything in the supply chain was satisfactory. 

While power itself may not be decentralized, we ascertain to decentralize this very core tenant: responsibility. Quality itself is recognized, and is upheld by each and every one of us as we contribute to the production of the whole. The culmination of the product itself requires all of us to ensure that the sword does not fall. 

Day 14: The Bohr Effect,on Too Much Meaning, or Too Much Money

If meaning is oxygen and money is carbon dioxide, starting and funding a startup is very much a delicate balance of the Bohr effect. What many misconceive is that carbon dioxide is toxic, but rather it is vital to increase hydrogen bicarbonate in the blood and acidity so oxygen binds to our blood cells. Likewise, money itself may appear toxic, but it’s the very reason why we start a business itself. 

Like this ecosystem of a blood cell, the healthiest injection of money comes from its environment and users, not from investors. I adamantly am against non-organically raising funding especially when we don’t need it. Many of these investors are not accredited which would lead us to legal issues in taking their funding, and many advisors who do not contribute skin in the game are even worse– they  take equity, officially warrant advice without ever having built a quality product themselves that IPOed, and screw up the cap table without adding any value and I would rather award that to a new executive.  

We want to save ourselves for those, who are worth it, and only take fuel that gives life, when needed. 

Likewise, too much meaning without the balance in being profitable, on too much oxygen can make us feel so high in hyperoxia that we might not have our heads come back down to earth on what matters. This is when idealism detracts us, in the burning throes of passion from our goals, an wishful thinking blinds us from the present moment. 

To maintain life itself, is a delicate balance of one’s ecosystem– perhaps the true test of living itself is one of taking what one needs and leaving the rest, else too no matter how much oxygen one can take or fake, acid corrupts the body, if not burns the soul. 

Day 15: The Ephemeral Beauty of Human Touch That Makes Interactions Timeless

I will never forget that time I walked with a mother and her child and paid for their Ubers as we ran late to see the Blue Angels fighter pilots in San Francisco Bay, as I walked alone afterwards to Pier 39, when it was too crowded, and far too late. It was the human touch, as her daughter clinged onto me, that I would never forget in goodbyes. The brevity of a moment itself, held an intradiegetic narrative that cannot be divulged on paper, yet this is what we are trying to capture.

In an ever impending digital age, mimicking this human touch and encapsulating its warmth is a differential factor. It is difficult, in a closed, adiabatic system and box where the only thing seemingly going in and out are words. There are no props that we as its creator can put into it like film, there are no events we can rely on such as in Eventbrite, for us to create this gathering online. We need to make this platform itself, feel in order to facilitate human interaction and discourse. We need a platform that is intuitive to serve as an ideal extension of ideas themselves, as they foment, and generate fumes in thought. 

Part of this intuitiveness is codified in frivolous designs and interactions of buttons, but it needs to feel smooth. I am visibly disconcerted by the amount of bombardment in engineering and info that should not be there in design, as that is not art or intuitive. I have made new design changes and would like them implemented to feel seamless and user friendly and would appreciate it kindly if changes to be done by next week. 

The small details in this app matter, as they make up the ephemeral, playful interactions as one creates thought. The core of great design itself to bring a soul to life is not simply in its simplicity and ease of use, but its personality as it engages and interacts with its audience as a performing art itself. 🦋

Day 16: Nintendo’s Pokemon versus Ovid’s Metamorphosis

“Pokemon is a story of friendship and love.”


“I mean why doesn’t Ash Ketchum age?”

“Because Nintendo wants to make money.”

“Yeah but why doesn’t Pikachu age?”

“Because Nintendo wants to make money.”

“Yeah but Naruto and Kirito have made money and they age.”

“Because Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu are too OP.”

“That doesn’t make sense because Mario and Luigi haven’t aged either, and I don’t know if they’re making money.”

“Oh those two have aged. You just can’t see it.”

Look deep into Pokemon, there are tales be told there, the tale of Metamorphosis itself as each Pokemon evolves, and how all the characters age, except for Ash Ketchum and the thoughts and power in his Pikachu. 

The concept of Metamorphosis as described in Ovid serves as a parable of change ensconced in the hero’s journey. It is a parody of the epic itself as it is not a narrative of a tale, but rather written in as it is written in fliting vignettes of the same dactylic hexameter meter, the footsteps that braze Homer’s Odyssey and Illiad. The only thing constant within Ovid’s fifteen tales, is that of love, as it changes many faces. The Greeks stated that there were seven types of love, mirrored in the divine number, and that true love is perhaps a culmination of all- where the spark of  love and its externalities of one’s life’s work meets in the home of another’s body and soul.

With our above talents and backgrounds, we may feel at times we wield the powers of Gods themselves, as we embark on our timeless hero’s journey, and use their graces to become demi-Gods as we serve as creators and exert fiction into reality. Ovid’s tale and Pokemon are a remindrance that a true hero always stays, young and idealist at heart, in the face of the talents from above we are given.

Two tales of Metamorphosis that speaks out to a creator is the tale of Apollo, whose love for reason and in chasing love is unreasonable transforms into a tree of laurels, and his sister, Athena, the goddess from Zeus and Metis from the sea as she navigates, wisdom, arts, strategy and war itself shrivels Arachne, a mere mortal into a spider.

Apollo in prizing himself in reason, faces the reality of himself being the most unreasonable in love, to find the love of his life, Daphne transfixing herself into an unattainable tree he now decorates. He perhaps is a sick joke to Ivies and scholars, who wear his laurel in braving Dean’s lists, as remindrance that reason itself can get us only so far as a writer whose job is to speak in poetry and truth, for what leads reason, is emotion. He loves Daphne still, albeit she is a whithered tree.

Athena is likened to Apollo as a patron of the arts. She is unique in that she is no feminist in any manner in Greek mythology as she find women frivolous, but in thus, is a formidable foe as one of the most beautiful yet strongest female characters, as she leads and honors the Gods in arts, and in war. She is likened to Apollo for the purpose in art is to divulge truth, and war, by my touthe, is up front in duels with rules, that femine wiles in capriciousness do not and play by. Arachne, the epitome of feminine wiles and webs, calls her down from her peace in a challenge to weave towels. She praised herself for only her work without understanding the travesty she did, and for life, and thus, weaving and entrapping now, is all she will ever do. 

Remember that the spark that makes one change, is a spark that may inspire passion, but to truly live, one must surpass it, and see its overall value in how it serves others, in the grand scheme of things, as to not die in the throes of our talent and heroism, is to understand we too must be called one day to be a patron of the arts.

Day 17: Archimedes, the Law of the Lever has moved from Birds to Blue Skies

If I was to choose a spirt animal, it would be a butterfly, and I’m seeing birds play in this blue sky of social media: Jack Dorsey now is one of our competitors as his CTO is spearheading a small exclusive team of leading researchers. It is a natural move from me from research, an investment bank, consumer and crypto venture to start this- perhaps Dorsey’s background is a direct opposite mirror. It is a goal and we respect him well as we are all on a mission to make the web a safer place where individuals will have aligned incentives to be kind. We foremost, missionaries, not mercenaries, so all is fair game in progressing innovation. This is the kind of friendly competition and sharing of discourse and resources that makes the entrepreneurship journey all the more worthwhile. 

His approach for this platform is rather the inverse of Archimedes principle of the Law of the Lever. By presuming an enterprise position, Dorsey has kept his team lightweight for maximum efficiency, to touch the most amount of lives in building a protocol for social networks to all leverage. He states if his team fails in their research in developing a decentralized platform, they would essentially, create one that is an antithesis to Twitter with its principles. We are one of these platforms, but to balance the tipping scale, we must touch more consumer lives. We can do this with our decentralized algorithm. 

It is Christmas, seas so if Archimedes and his gold in displacement of water holds true in its amount of weight, I suppose I shall still be carry my own weight and working even though we are partially displaced and going on vacation with our whereabouts this month. 

Day 18: The Occam Snowball—  Do and Think Less to Get More Done

I am back from Heavenly at Tahoe, and with it, its lessons in simplicity. There is no time to debate prevaricate ends when death in its imminence is served in seconds of empyrean ice. The bijective means thus is is free fall, all else fails. This same mentality of fast, continuous growth is the fearlessness to pivot and kill certain features to innovate. The end goal to keep in mind is the simple bijective of intuitive user experience. This serves as the cardinal tautology of Weclikd’s DNA: Keep it high quality, keep it simple, keep it curious. Some of our old features that we loved and developed must die in order for us to create something new. However once a consensus in solution is reached and traction tested, it will be preserved as core to our DNA. 

While there may be ordinal lists of priorities for us to do, it serves pinnacle purport to simply move fast to create a product that is intuitive. Focusing on a simple product will allow users to easily promulgated via word of mouth. There should be no sales, at all. 

While we should indeed be collectively sharing feedback and reflections to measure how efficacious and streamlined or process is in creating a better product, we should not be fixated on debating what to keep or what to move next to at this point, but rather, just doing. We are at the stage of free fall. There is no time for recherche features catered to the few, when a bare beginner is presented with a gargantuan task. There is only the small step in front of us and the natural inclination of fearless movement will eventually ricochet on its own into a snowball.

Day 19: The Panache to find Epsilon, the Platonic Fold on Keats and Polya’s Urn

Welcome back from Winter Break. 

In our marketplace, an urn of ideas, it is my job to generate worse and best case scenarios, as these uncertainties commingle with the majority of knowns that comprise our urn. It is the small packets of uncertainties, of what we don’t know in which we should keep our eyes on, as it is this moment where uncertainty, not our dreams platonically folds with reality, that in being unprepared for serves as a Pyrrhic war to us all. 

In Polya’s urn, as with Keat’s urn, the opposing minutiae of negative forces pose a greater threat to the majority of peace. Increasing a small number of deviants from the majority offsets a ratio to a more statistically significant extent than increasing the majority, as with negative events in our psychology, and the vituperative minority spreading toxicity, self-wallowing hate and promotion on social media. Keats elucidates this ratio as he states, “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on,” stating with panache that may those with gentle lovely breath of life, continue for it is generally the unheard, not the vocal minority that are worth more. 

What is the song, unheard of my keyboard typing at 1AM into your ears, what is the song as we edit posts and clean details, of shattered fears?

In our startup what is unknown and devastates us all are bugs- users that foster incendiary ire instead of contributions outside their own, users who seek to destroy instead of build. However, true songs is what the urn sings on as Keats muses, that the only thing that lasts is art,

“Not to the sensual ear, but, more endear’d,

    Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone:

Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave

    Thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare;

               Bold Lover, never, never canst thou kiss,

Though winning near the goal yet, do not grieve;

    She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,

               For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!

         When old age shall this generation waste,

             Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe

Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,

         “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

             Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

Keats tells the tale of the true minority, not in the vocal minority that speaks loudly but in the silent art of his lover’s urn, as he could not kiss her, in her throws of passion as even if love is gone, she is ever fair. What is painted on a Grecian urn but the herculean stories of heroic feats? The urn’s story perhaps was the beauty in love itself, and what is left behind in art is all he needed to know- the knowledge that there braves a constant certainty in uncertainty, in the endless silent music, of passion and love.

That uncertainty in feeling is what we need to embrace, of the unheard art in ideas and work, of interconnected communities, as we hear separate dissonant tones in the modus vivendi that constitutes the fabric of Weclikd’s communities. 

Day 20: Hitachi- The equality in childhood and adulthood. Give me 10, Give me 20, Give me 100 more years to go

I recently received a garden of butterflies and to my dismay, the only thing the monarch eats in advocacy of hormesis derived from small amounts of pain and poison, is the ever poisonous arsenic in milkweed. To my dismay, two of the monarchs died in their shipment to me. Few will survive the turbulence of journeys in climes, even fewer will relish the actualization of their childhood’s dream- in completion of the hero’s journey as they brave the skies from Ontario to Mexico City. As I partake in assuming the role of the caregiver of these endangered butterflies, the lines of heroism between the caregiver and caretaker blur, as I resume a childhood pastime of tending to something more courageous, yet more fragile and beautiful in its ephemeral beauty than I. 

To be a hero is to forge an indelible bond over the endless exchange of value- one’s resources for a mutual symbionce of love and coexistence. To me the butterfly is neither French nor Spanish in its food choices, but settles on kabocha, a Japanese winter squash of a poisonous origin. For me, it resembles the courage an feminity of constant metamorphosis with each molt, with each chrysalis as in holding its breath it bereaves breathtaking beauty. This codependence on the semiotics of personal experience is where childhood of ten, meets ten in perfection, and adds up to adulthood, and squaredin Pythagoreas as the divine of 100. 

It is the reversal of Pixar’s narratives of Wall-E, as a company that promulgates tech as a means to storytelling calls for a reversal of roles as it writes the script of a morbidly obese captain codependent on technology finds his feet in exchanging vows with Wall-E, a robot that grows in time, and restoring earth with a plant, it is the story of Up, as Fredricksen exchanges his old age for Russell’s youth a they journey out in the experience of reliving Carl and Ellie’s childhood dream of flying to Paradise falls, and the exchange of Woody and Buzz Light Year’s time, as they are marked with personalization as the heroes to preserve Andy’s childhood, as they serve as his to become a screewriter in tech for days to come. 

My job likewise, and all of your jobs is to build a better ecosystem for idea, as we serve as heroes in empowering our users to be the hero of his or her own story.

Day 21: The Joker’s City, Gotham founded by ex-Morgan Stanley and Repo Trader, on Wise Old Fools

While me may know Gotham City as the Joker’s home in Batman, the story of the actual Joker, is rather a heroic one, of a Wallstreeter. The origin of Gotham is one in which where the King’s troops by an order of Parliament were sent to devastate the impoverished town of simply wise old fools. The fools in feigning a sickness of madness convinced the King’s troops that if they failed to leave, they would catch it as well. This was the inspiration, if not wise old fools in Shakesperean climes, for Gotham’s Comedy Club in Manhattan, and for of course, the Joker. Reisman, still holds the position as CEO today and stands for one of my heroes of what passion truly means- the passion of giving more value than what can be repaid is the core of securitizing the collateral in a repo, thus benefiting both buyers and sellers of credit risk. The same mentality holds true for comedy, of passion, and of jouissance in intellectual passion and desire in creating endless value. Perhaps it was a comedic idea, and a Catch-22 of Milo who can buy eggs in Malto for seven cents and sell it in Pianosa for five cents, but it is indeed love, and magic.

In fact his passion for Gotham as its CEO is the only position Reiseman held with constancy. Be it madness or foolish fervor, this necessary superflux of heat and emotions of seeming unproductivity is what keeps one going on their mission. May the same madness and comedians that light up Gotham, light up the ideas at our home. #Weclikd

Day 22: On “Benevolent” Pity, Contemptuous Pity, Tall Poppy Syndromes versus the Salvator Mundi of Empathy

There is no room for pity in intellectual discourse or at Weclikd Inc., neither is there for Tall Poppy Syndrome. Ray Dalio would say that his firm itself is a firm of intellectual Navy SEALs, whreinwhich there is no greater failure than what Australians call Tall Poppy Syndrome, of getting press for success- the tallest poppies tend to let it get to their head and lose it. I have done so myself. This incisive thought is what we seek to inspire at our own firm in humility, and the best work.

Thank you everyone for positing designs; and for working diligently on new components. Even though it took longer than expected, discussion and challenging concepts is centripetal to why we build what we build, as we ascertain the inflection point of where ideas converge on value.

There is no time to throw ourselves pity parties as only those who claim others do without fact, are the ones that throw and demonize others the most. This sort of contempt we wish to eliminate from our platform. In Pity (2008), “we come to understand pity as sympathetic sorrow evoked by the suffering of others, and is used in a comparable sense to compassion, condolence, or empathy.” However, Pity is insincere as “benevolent pity” and contemptuous pity are used to connate feelings of superiority, condescension or contempt. Furthermore, Aristotle devolves that benevolent pity can only be felt if the person first has experienced suffering of a similar type, though pity in general asserts that the person is distance and removed from the sufferer. In relations to proximity and closeness, he elucidates that we oft tend to “pity our acquaintances provided they are not exceedingly close in friendship” as genuine feeling in friendship attunes that we love another like oneself and thus, bear their pain.

While put that way, perhaps the only person that genuinely loves a stranger like a brother is Jesus himself. In Salvator Mundi the famous painting by Da Vinci, five lines pass through Jesus’s robes whose visage and garment is undisturbed by its material, intimating that the orb is of hollow, ethereal material, of a finer glass not of a glass on earth. It is the orb of the soul that he offers to mankind. Four lines on his robe pass through the center of the orb, undisturbed, but the fifth line of the orb, deflects off of it. We see the fine lines mirrored in James Patterson’s four glass balls, of “integrity, family, friends, health, and work”, where work, the fifth ball is a rubber ball, the only ball that bounces back. 

While this is work, our dreams themselves are cultivated on our integrity, family, friends, and health. This not any type of work, but meaningful work as we pave the path for new entrepreneurs and sex examples to come, as our families and friends rely on us. Life is a delicate juggle, and if we need a break, it is there to bounce back- it is not there to leave. Professions may change. Our dreams of four glass balls make us both alive and dead, like Shroedinger’s cat, that represents life itself of electrons and the reality we hold. 

We are no Savior Mundis, but we can try to be more real. Our pity is reserved as a special dish served cold for those who lie and insidiously try to lead fellow brethren to failure and thus failed at life.

Day 22: A Rose, A Thermodynamic Paradox, the solution to the Maxwell Demons on our Chessboard

I have decided to play a game of chess where my whole kingdom was checkmated with a mere king and his pawn. If the partisan of the first building block of kingdom is only A and B of a king and pawn, and the goal chess is to increase space and time on the board to allow for more choices, and expand. The more choices and its possibilities ad infinitum in a compressed amount of time equates to power, and in the concept of the universe of expansion of kingdoms, it is expansion via entropy itself. With every second, the universe creates more disorder and thus, grows. 

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total energy of an isolated system only increases over time, so in theory we shouldn’t be able to see patterns of crystallization in chaos- a rose, a bookshelf, or a watch, as presumably something or someone must have arranged it over time. This phenomenon can best be explained by the paradox of  Maxwell’s Demons, as the function of a reaction due to heat and work increases disorder from A to B, we should not be able to force slow moving particles from B back to A in organization without work or loss in heat. What is considered work, and what is inefficiency lost in heat?

This same paradox can be established between the individual interfacing the community. The most succinct piece of poetry ever written was by boxer and chess champion, Muhammad Ali: “Me, We”, illustrating the composite of blurred demarcation where the individual dessolves into the community that the seeming order of a community derives from the relinqushment and freedom in self. In relinquishing oneself, the community thus also fuels identity and defines the self. We join clubs, communities, gyms, movements, and support commonalities of religion and politics. 

However, in order for there to be a community form, there must be equality in exchange for a mutually beneficial relationship within the strength of bonds. Maxwell’s demon illustrates the paradox that occurs in an optimal environment, of one of not only reversal of entropy due to organization, but of one where temperature does not increase for stability to stay. An organized community is efficient, and robust in the strength of its bonds to its people.

In other words, the bridge of organization between A and B may seemingly increase via a relationship of endless bridges as the system itself is not just one, or a community but our isolated universe in empty space as a whole. 

A pawn is only worth protecting if it is the King’s pawn, as only that pawn can compress choices and space of the opponent, and only a King can make pawn a queen. 

I have deleted our Twitter by the way. It is a power ourselves to be our opponents as organization is choosing where to expand. I am the King’s pawn.