Remote work is here to stay but are online apps truly enough

While remote work is here to stay, there are ways and apps that make us feel more connected and less stationary. Collective community apps have found the COVID conditions rife for launch, primarily as the listless sense of loneliness consumes us from remote work- the inability to go to our favorite places, to the grocery store, to the gym without being confined in our own bubble of a pseudo-isolated manner has harbored strain on everyone’s mental health. While it is more convenient to stay at home, there needs to be a bridge between human connection that will develop as quarantine continues on.

There’s a difference in connecting with others online than offline though, perhaps team work is better for in-person work environments, and the ideal of meeting strangers always distant online. It feels more distant when there isn’t a dedicated place, like a home away from home that keeps our purpose and meaning in work alive.

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