To the Youth: the covid bubble built by decisions not your own

Durden cogently expresses the frustration in mismanagement of the American consensus, of how we are exposed to risk we as individuals are not taking. For instance, when you choose to go on an airplane, that is the risk you take of an airplane crash, as with the stock market, as it serves an individual risk of your safety or your own bank account. However, as the government is making decisions for the COVID, or when people are not wearing masks, there exists a risk that one did not willfully choose themselves in exposure to the virus.

That goes on to say that while battling the virus is an independent enterprise, the virus is a death phenomenon of exponential growth as it devastates the elderly population and accounts for half the deaths in New York. It is wise to take this as an example for future cases and be prepared to counteract it. However, this affects our youths as jobs are disappearing and are never coming back, and schools are closed. Many are retreated to family homes as there is no place else to go or work. The younger generation surely did not deserve the risk involved with decisions from management not theirs.