Rome, not McDonalds is the birth of fast food

The origin of fast foods may have derived from Pompeii, as ashes from Mount Vesuvius preserves the remains of the leftover stalls and food before the eruption. The thermopoly held stalls with food that was traditionally there for the lower classes of society, with counters designed for conversing.

Many of us would guess fast food derived from McDonalds, but there seems to be more cultural significance as the behaviors of consumption in modernity existed, like food, before our time. The examination of past histories may enable ideas that can shape present-day society, as consumer behavior evolves with the innovation at hand.

Examining archaeological excavations of how fast food stalls arose in Pompeii may allow one to recreate popular spaces for communing today, or perhaps how they are so well preserved a means of conserving a message to civilizations of the future.