Saving the World by eating Mushrooms

By simply swapping your everyday snack for Moku’s plant-based jerky, you are saving 12  sq. feet of land, 11 lbs CO2 equivalent, and 107 gallons of water. That’s more than a fun fact.

To most of us, climate change is something we believe in and support, but not something we adamantly take steps towards. Moku Foods helps solve this problem by providing yummy, healthy, and environmentally conscious snacks.

The mushroom jerky comes in three flavors: Hawaiian, Sweet and Spicy, and Original. They taste similar but vary in zest of wholesome ingredients of pineapple flavoring and maple syrup. This is probably one of the few plant-based savory products I can vouch for that actually taste great, as most are pea-protein based that have a weird aftertaste, or made of gluten.

Plant-based diets and consumer products are definitely on the rise with Serena Williams and Bill Gates co-investing in companies for growth such as Impossible Foods and Jeff Bezos investing in NotMilk, its a definite that a new wave of snacks will be our new favorite.

Moku Foods redeems mushrooms as a food, as typically they are seen as fungus, with many skeptic if they are poisonous, dirty or the like. However, it’s a great source of umami and protein in plant-based diets. There are very few food-tech developments with mushrooms currently in this space, so there is little direct competition as a product, but great competition from other types of snacks.

On the business-side of things, Moku Foods is not only doing something innovative with food, they are empowering their consumers with a mission. It is almost necessary as the consumer space is a very competitive market, but having both makes a brand.

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