A World Without Men

A really insightful post by GQ a few years ago questions what happens when men are unable to reproduce in the future. Part of this fear derives from the fact that due to environmental factors such as stress, smoking, obesity, pollutants, sperm counts in men are decreasing. To further add insult to injury, as countries develop, women are less likely to have kids, limiting reproduction. This begets the fear of economic turndowns and what not as individuals find satisfaction in work and vocations other than child bearing. However, solutions exist such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) to first fertilize the egg in a petri dish to ensure inception or in vitro gametization (IVG) in creating sperm or egg cells from stem cells.

There seems to be a fear that men are needed at all as hinted to the article. Some of the points are hilarious, such as AVG on the distance between the genitals and anus being greater leads to more fertility, and is generally shorter in men than women; shorter distances lead to greater dysfunction. Partly, this notion seems ridiculous in that perhaps biologically they are shorter in sexes, and comparisons not between men and women but sexual proclivities of distances between men to determine average AVG and more correlations are necessary. Other fears of society needing men in the near future are gametization, but there are innovations that may take place where men can change genders of child rear themselves if they desire.

This comes to question if gender differences thus matter, as biologically gender boundaries become obsolete, as the boundaries for love itself has already broken down.