The Core of Innovation: How to Manage for Collective Creativity

Professor Linda Hill from University of Cambridge discusses the framework of critical thinking that defines innovative companies: creative abrasion, creative agility and creative resolution. Creative abrasion is the concept of having the most diverse, even contrapuntal ideas surface into collective debate and having individuals defend their point of view. Creative abrasion is the creation of a marketplace that amplifies the differences in ideas instead of minimizing them in the process of facilitating constructive discourse. Innovation rarely happens unless there is conflict of having a full purview to make the best decisions. Creative agility is making quick decisions and creative resolution the ability to have all voices heard and achieving a resolution that complements all views. Resolution is the ability for a group to not have one idea dominate, to celebrate all, harnessing the power of collective genius. The power of an organization to hear ideas, make quick decisions, and resolve all perspectives is the core to true innovation. Progress and amazing feats are seldom achieved alone.

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