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The brevity of life is but a second. A second untreasured is a second lost.

The Knockout VC is a blog that marries the epitome of mental and physical fitness. The startup environment can feel like Hunger Games 2.0 a times, with scarce resources and a plethroa of competition and I am here to help you navigate that. 

The goal of this publication is to inspire the next generation of audacious entrepreneurs that tackle physical fitness in the consumer space. It is often that we take the simplest luxuries in life, such as our health for granted. 

Let’s make this exploration the epitome of culture. Let’s make it efficient. Let’s make it art.

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The goal of a VC is to help you scale your businesses provided the connections and ample resources to grow. With my corporate partnerships, extensive network and experience as a panelist and mentor, my expertise is in strategically scaling startups in the consumer and fintech space. Let’s get this started. 


If you are an entrepreneur, content creator, or freelancer, check out #weclikd. #Weclikd is a hate-free social media platform that promotes insightful content, asserting value to the basic unit cost of an idea. We are the next wave of thought, investing, fundraising through social capital. May this blog serve as inspiration and a medium for you to contact me directly for coffee. Let us ruminate how this innoxious palabrum, culminating the bitterness of the world and the depth in success, reaps the gossamer of our lives.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or potential partnerships that can make use of my expertise. 

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